When no events are scheduled, we follow daily schedule with 4-5h zazen per day, exercise,
chanting & work, with the exception for free time from Monday lunch until Wednesday morning zazen. Visitors are welcome to join for a period of their own choice.

In the daily practice we continue to uphold the spirit of sesshin. In fact we shouldn’t discriminate between sesshin practice and daily practice. It is always the same work. However, the schedule is different; we have more meditation in action and in interaction with other practitioners, as well as ”free time” for rest, taking walks etc. The spontaneous effect of practice manifests only if we continue practice all time. Thus the daily practice crucial.

Cost members: 15 euro/day Cost non-members: 20 euro/ day


Sesshin is an intensive Zen training retreat, conducted in silence. The only chance for talking will be during dokusan, the daily private meetings with the teacher. Participants are required to have previous experience of zazen. Apart from zazen, the schedule includes chanting, teisho (teaching speach), exercise, a short work period and rest periods. All the parts of sesshin are there to support us to merge with the practice until it becomes fully natural. The effect of sesshin comes from mutually supporting each other.

Cost members: 5-day sesshin 160 euro, 7-day sesshin 250 euro Cost non-members: 5-day sesshin 200 euro, 7-day sesshin 300 euro


We go through the basics of meditation practice, good posture, and answer questions from participants. We will then spend two days in silence, following the retreat schedule. The day includes meditation, a teaching speech by Genpo-sensei and the opportunity for private guidance, exercise / body awareness exercises, simple meditative work, and rest periods. We end the retreat with an experience exchange session followed by lunch. After lunch, participants are welcome to stay for sauna.

Cost members: 150 euro, cost non-members 200 euro


The introductory day 11:00-15:00 includes: -Presentation tour in the Hermitage. -Going through the basics of meditation practice including good posture. Answering questions from participants. -Enjoying a cup of tea. -Two 25 minute rounds of zazen with break in between. Experience exchange session. -Lunch with Ōryōki bowls. (Ōryōki translates as ”vessel that contains just enough”.) Ōryōki also refers to a meditative form of eating.

Cost 45 euro


For people with solid experience of practice, we offer a possibility to do a solitary retreat in our retreat hut during their chosen time, maximum 7 days. We give permission for solitary retreat by application. For support, we provide three meals per day served in a thermal box outside the hut. We also offer a possibility for daily interview with the teacher.

Cost members: 30 euro/day, cost non-members 40 euro/day


From request we offer a zen style recreation day for groups (up to 10 people), eg. companies and work groups. We can offer: -A short workshop for breath, deepening it by using voice. -Inspirational talk -Lunch -Access for rowing boat, sauna and swimming -Tea and fortune cookie with a buddhist guidance, to take with you

Cost: starting from 300 euro, depending on how many hours and the number of people


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