Gyocha Talk by Genpo Sensei, July 10th 2023

Today we had the first Monday tea ceremony. In Bukko-ji we had this ceremony on the day when four and nine appeared on the date. This is the monastic system of working days and holidays, called shigunichi.

In the tea ceremony, there are rules and forms of behaviour while drinking tea. There are also several other rules that make up the whole ceremony, for example properly raising the cup of tea and bowing.

But one of them is maintaining silence. This is the key to being beyond the rules. Not feeling like a prisoner, wanting to break free from constraints.

Please preserve the treasure of silence and appreciate its great value. The silence allows you to maintain a concentrated, non-separating mind, without distraction.

So, when you drink, there will be only drinking, there will be only here and now. Accurate, total experience of each moment. This is how our life will become alive. In deep silence is your true home.

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