Teisho, April sesshin day 4

Let’s not wait or not set ourselves any special circumstances to ensure comfortable conditions for practice. This is the trap of the ego. When it seems to us that such conditions have occurred, it is an illusory idea. Because behind it are our strong habits. Concern for the comfort of body and mind is an imagined idea of zazen and practice. Constant rejection and grasping. Let us try to accept everything. When we avoid difficulties and are busy with comfort, we will pass with these special circumstances. Let’s not complain. We get rid of this chaos when we accept it, when we don’t try to get rid of it. Then harmony appears. Just breathing, please believe it. Just one activity. Then we can accept everything.

We’re not doing anything special here. The one who thinks he is special does not have a permanent existence. Let’s not follow this habit of constantly grasping at me, mine, for me. The egocentric state of mind is very insidious, so be careful. From now on, my great request: Completely immerse yourself in practice. When our concentration deepens, we will not follow such a nature. Becoming ordinary is our job. Because we want it, because our nature is like that. Let’s not accumulate anything, because we don’t need anything. Everything is already there, you already have everything. I am reminded of Master Ikkyu’s poem: ”I came into this world empty-handed. I leave it barefoot, my coming, my departure, two simple events that intertwined” May our life go like this and make such a life come true.

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