About us

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Daisetsu Tangen Harada Roshi Sama

IKIan Zen Hermitage is a meditation center in the lineage of Daisetsu Tangen Harada Roshi Sama, situated in Sipoo, Finland. The Hermitage is led by Roshi Sama´s Dharma heir, Genpo Pluta Sensei, who practiced in Bukkokuji temple, Japan for 16 years. He received Shiho (Dharma transmission) from Roshi Sama in 2009. Genpo Sensei started his practice in the Kapleau lineage, and all together has been practicing zazen for more than 30 years.

Teishin (Helena) Kantinkoski is serving as the ”head monk” at the Hermitage. Teishin has been practicing zazen for 24 years. She finished her formal koan training with Sante Poromaa Roshi in 2017. She also practiced in Bukkokuji for a couple of years, including one year with Roshi Sama. She is currently deepening her practice with the support of Genpo Sensei.

There are time to time also other live-in practitioners, supporting the place with their strong aspiration and practice.

The common language at the Hermitage is English, but we translate to Finnish and Swedish translate as needed.

IKIan is run by the Iki Zen ry -association.

Genpo Sensei